by Sarah Grain

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released February 18, 2010



all rights reserved


Sarah Grain Indianapolis, Indiana

Sarah Grain & the Billions of Stars is a five-piece band that mixes jazz, bossa nova, folk and country into a unique style undeniably rooted in songwriting and storytelling.

Indianapolismusic.net says this: "She’s not afraid to transcend her genre ... Whether she’s performing her own folk songs or joining others in a variety of other projects, it’s her voice that stands out."
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Track Name: Beautiful Mind
Here comes the morn, the sky is grey
I lay in bed, in bed I lay
No part of me can face this day
And starve vulnerability away.
Yesterday my life was new
Brave and impatient I blazed right through
But today I could wait out
Stay in and fade way down, away from truth
Where is my beautiful mind …
Its all in my beautiful mind.
I love this earth with words to tell
With raging drive to treat it well
But today my goal is to rock gently my soul
I’m fragile, I know I fell
And I know well of dirt and dust,
And in my weakness I know I must
Be sensing a child whose country has tried
Her body, beauty and bust
But where is her beautiful mind …
Its all in her beautiful mind.
Darlin, I know its hard to see
That girl who could charm the world to peace.
But please don’t turn away,
Your distance is way more painful than all this, to me.
I’ll go back to bed for sleep to mend
Ambition’s an intimate long-lost friend
But triumph is near, for night’s almost here
And tomorrow I’ll try again
Where is my beautiful mind …